There’s a reason why baseball marketing directors searching for the “best baseball promotions,” have turned to ZOOperstars! 

For years, ZOOperstars! has ranked at the top of MLB and MiLB promotions, providing great between-inning game entertainment. 

The unique show features hilarious inflatable characters with clever names such as Harry Canary, Tommy Laswordfish, Clammy Sosa, Shark McGwire, and many more!  The performance combines synchronized dance routines, acrobatics, tricks and comedy for performances that connect with fans of all ages. Yes, adults often laugh harder than the kids! 

Videos of many of our hilarious skits have gone viral! In fact, our famous “Eat It” skit has been shared by fans on all forms of social media more than 10 million times! This certainly helps teams market the ZOOperstars! concept to fans and potential sponsors.  ZOOperstars! is a sure-fire way to draw fans! ​​

Trust ZOOperstars! to deliver a truly memorable act, offering recognizable names that create interest on many levels.   It’s a one-of-a-kind show that will captivate your crowd’s undivided attention!

40+ Characters Including:

"On behalf of the Phillies, the Phanatic and our fans, we want to say thanks for a great show. People are still talking about it. This is the first time the Phanatic was upstaged at his birthday party and loved it!"

- Philadelphia Phillies

"We’ve seen the ZOOperstars! perform year after year, but the continued responses of outright laughter from the crowd NEVER gets old... that’s what it’s all about!"

- Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

"An instant classic! Entertaining to young and old alike. The ZOOperstars! draw a tangible increase in attendance at every appearance. Their well-choreographed skits and professionalism make them a stalwart in our yearly promotional lineup!"

- Jacksonville Suns

ZOOperstars! Badge of Harry Canary, Pee Wee Geese, Monkey Mantle, Ken Giraffey Jr., and Nolan Rhino
Harry Canary, Derek Cheetah, Nolan Rhino, Ichiroach Suzuki, Centipete Rose, Shark McGwire, Derek Cheetah, Bear Bond, Alex Frogriguez
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