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Hilarious soccer, lacrosse, and football halftime entertainment act!
Dominic J. Latkovski
Founder, Chief Whirlybird Officer

Dominic and his wife, Christin, are proud parents of 2 daughters who love dancing and a son who is following in his father's footsteps as a soccer player! With his father's advice, he and brother, Brennan - and a few friends - started ZOOperstars! in 1998.

Dominic's alter-ego is BirdZerk!, America's Ballpark Prankster!

Fun Fact: Dominic has an unbelievable ability to remember names and faces.

Brennan Latkovski
Founder, Chief Performing Officer

Brennan and his wife, Erin, are proud parents of a son who loves playing baseball and a daughter who loves playing softball. Brennan is a co-founder of ZOOperstars with his brother Dominic, and currently performs as many as 70 shows per year.

When not on the road, Brennan is usually coaching little league baseball or performing with his buddy, Mike, in their Blues Brothers Band.

Fun Fact: Brennan is fluent in Spanish, and knows the lyrics to every 90's hip hop song.

Daniel Thornbury
Performer, Chief Show Designer

Daniel and his wife Sarah are the parents of a loveable Great Dane they named, Blue. He is most often on the road performing ZOOperstars! shows as many as 100 times per year! When not on the road, Daniel is organizing and designing each ZOOperstars! show that goes on the road.

Daniel is also the sidekick to BirdZerk!, America's Ballpark Prankster.

Fun Fact: Daniel is a phenomenal basketball player, a rugged outdoors-man, and he loves coaching his nephews in baseball.

Mike Miescke
Performer, Chief Technology Guru

Mike and his wife Jennifer are the parents of two precious kitties, Bibi and Meela. He, like Daniel, is most often on the road performing ZOOperstars! shows up to 80 events a year! When not on the road, Mike is in the office doing "techie" things for the company.

Mike is a "jack of all trades" when is comes to the ZOOperstars!

Fun Fact: Mike is the fastest keyboard typer in the company, plays a lot of indoor soccer, and usually the second thing he says is the correct answer.

Eric Miracle
Performer, Elementary Teacher        
Jean-Luc Veillon
Performer, College Ambassador
Dr. Tony Cummings
Performer, Physical Therapist        
Aaron Lehenbauer
Performer, Muy-Thai Fighter        
Justin Wilson
Performer, Yogi        
Lex Latkovski
Performer, World Traveler        
Zach Redman
Performer, Vitality Planner         
Richie Michaels
Performer, Bourbon Specialist        
Spence Kraft
Performer, Wine Connoisseur        
Tubby Hoggard
Performer, Network Engineer        
Quentin Neal
Performer, Wrestling Champ        
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Micah Lehenbauer
Performer, College Athlete